Hi, I'm Natasha
Welcome to my online art gallery. I'm Natasha Södergren - artist, creator, teacher and space designer. In my work, I use the pseudonym Sönata.

I specialize in creating unique and quality art suitable for home or public spaces. In my work, I combine realism with more abstract elements. The main mediums are acrylic and watercolor painting.

My paintings are in private collections in Russia, Sweden and Italy.

I believe in working with passion, observing the world around me and bringing all its beauty to the canvas

— Natasha Södergren

Female energy, atmosphere & light

"I believe in working with passion, observing the world around me and bringing all its beauty to the canvas"

I create a mixture of figurative and abstract art. My work is inspired by simplicity, spirituality and the desire to transform the surrounding atmosphere, energy and light on canvas.

My art is characterized by graceful and detailed portraits of women, often with their eyes closed. In my work I strive for a balance between personal and anonymous expression to convey a sense of calm and harmony to the viewer.

Bachelor of Arts and Spatial design, Mälardalen University, Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Exhibition list
2023, ASM-club, "I'm a woman", Moscow, Russia
2022, Art Number 23 | Galleries, Virtual
2019, Want and paint gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016, Solo exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2014, Solo exhibition, Old town, Stockholm, Sweden
2011, Conceptual group exhibition on police crime statistics. Sweden

Natasha is an Swedish/Russian artist raised in Stockholm and now located in Moscow.
Throughout her life, she has always been interested in art, dance and photography. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings, people and her experiences.

Natasha's most favorite artists are Rene Magritte and Gustav Klimt.

Drop me a line
If You have any questions, please let me know.

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